Military Divorce

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JURISDICTION REGARDING CASE AND PARTIES– A Court may have jurisdiction over the parties, but not the property, including  certain properties located in a different state.

In regard to the parties, service of process can be an issue in regard to where the parties may be located.

There could be child support issues with respect to the military, and there may be other agencies or entities involved in regard to child support issues for military families.

MILITARY ISSUES– Issues unique to the military may include taxable and nontaxable income, the differences between BAH and BAH II, military rank, longevity, pay and allowances, BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence), etc.

MILITARY RETIREMENT – There can be issues in regard to the military retirement calculation, drafting, acceptance, clarification, enforcement and pre-dissolution and/or post-dissolution issues.

RESOURCES– Resources may include the service member’s Chain of Command, Post-Legal Assistance Office (SJA), Claims (SJA), Trial Defense Service, The Unit Chaplin, The Inspector General, AER (Army Emergency Relief), Family Advocacy, Finance, Transportation, TRICARE, Red Cross, Mental Health, CID/MPs, Armed Forces YMCA, ACS (Army Community Services), Veterans Administration.

MILITARY LAW MATTERS – Military retirement, military pensions, alimony/maintenance and child support, military divorce and separation, administrative separations, administrative hearings, etc.

MILITARY PENSIONS – Military pensions are subject to different rules than Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for private retirement accounts or Domestic Relations Orders for state and municipal pensions.

SPECIAL RULES FOR ALIMONY/CHILD SUPPORT – The determination of income and collecting support can be more complicated because of regulations governing retired members of the military.  “Disposal retirement income” is important in establishing support orders with respect to retired military personnel.

ADULTERY IN THE MILITARY – The elements of proof for the offense of Adultery in the military includes that the accused wrongfully had sexual intercourse with a certain person, that at the time the accused or the other person was married to someone else and the conduct of the accused was to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed services or was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed services.

BEING IN THE SERVICE – Being a service couple does not exempt the parties from the requirements as civilian couples must meet when filing for divorce.

UNIFORMED SERVICES FORMER SPOUSES PROTECTION ACT (USFSPA) –The USFSPA applies to all active duty, reserve/guard and retired military, the U.S. Coast Guard and members of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) and Nation Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

ISSUES THAT MAY IMPACT MILITARY DIVORCES – Issues that may impact military divorces include procedural requirements, property distribution, child support and/or maintenance, insurance and benefits, pensions and retirement.

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