Local Counsel, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration

Local Counsel, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration

Local Counsel

Blake Law Group, P.C. is often requested to assist out-of-state lawyers with clients who find themselves involved in litigation and/or lawsuits in Illinois courts. Local counsel can provide information that is relevant to the geographical area. Local counsel often has knowledge regarding local matters that may impact a particular case.  Local counsel can also provide knowledge of any local administrative procedures.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial law applies to individuals and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, transactions, and sales.  Commercial law deals with a variety of issues.

Blake Law Group, P.C. can provide guidance with regard to various areas of litigation, including research and investigations, filing pleadings and motions, preparation of discovery, trial preparation and trial, filing appeals, mediation, arbitration, working out settlements,  enforcing judgments and other legal strategies.


Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution which can be binding or non-binding on the parties.

Arbitration is a mechanism for resolving disputes without the Court wherein the parties involved refer their dispute to an arbitrator, or panel, who reviews the evidence and makes a decision.

Arbitration is not the same as a judicial proceeding in that there are limited rights of appeal in regard to arbitration awards.

*State and Federal Laws change constantly and the above is for informational purposes only and one should seek out a qualified attorney for specific legal advice*