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Blake Law Group, P.C. are experienced Will and Trust Contests attorneys.  Our firm was founded in 1983 and our main office is located in Belleville, Illinois, near the St. Clair County Courthouse.  We maintain the following offices; Collinsville and Edwardsville, in Madison County, Illinois.  We also have locations in Columbia, Monroe County, Illinois.  Carlyle, Clinton County, Illinois. and Effingham, Effingham County, Illinois.

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Our law firm offers a full range of legal services, including Family Law, Divorce, Estates and Trusts, Estate Planning.  Also, we handle Will and Trust Contests, Real Estate Law, Mortgage Foreclosure Defense, Business Law, and Tax Law.  Additionally we assist with Internal Revenue Service, Taxes, Civil Litigation and General Practice cases.

Blake Law Group, P.C.’s attorneys represent individuals and businesses throughout the Southern Illinois and Central Illinois Regions.  We have extensive experience handling a wide variety of legal matters.  Call us today at (618) 233-7900 or 1 (855) 886-1law (1529) to schedule your free consultation with our office today!


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Belleville, St. Clair County Will and Trust Contests

A Will is a legal document with instructions for the distribution of money and property after death.  A Trust is a plan for the distribution of assets of an estate.  Family members and others are often unsure whether a Will or Trust is being administered properly or as intended.  If you need to contest or defend an estate plan, Blake Law Group P.C. can help you. Our attorneys have considerable experience litigating Will and Trust Contests in probate court in Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois.

When Should you Dispute a Will or Trust?

Contesting a will or trust is complicated matter.  A free consultation from Blake Law Group P.C., can determine whether you have the legal grounds for successful Will and Trust challenges.  Any challenge must be grounded in at least one of the following areas: Capacity, Fraud, Influence, or the existence of Multiple Wills.  A will may also be invalid if it does not meet State law requirements.

  • Capacity: Did the person making the Will or Trust have the mental capacity to make rational decisions when it was drafted?
  • Fraud: Is the Will or Trust invalid due to errors, deceit by a third party or illegally written?
  • Influence: Are the contents of the Will or Trust the result of undue pressure placed upon on the deceased.
  • Multiple Wills: Sometimes, a person will have made multiple Wills and Trusts, and litigation is the only means to resolve which one is valid.

Frivolous Will and Trust Contests

Sometimes, a family member or other party will challenge a Will or Trust out of spite, jealousy, or other frivolous reasons.  The attorneys of Blake Law Group P.C., have the knowledge of Illinois law, experience and expertise to successfully defend and resolve such challenges.

Our Practice Areas

Blake Law has extensive practice experience, including Bankruptcy, Business, Child Custody, Child Support, and Collaborative Divorce.  Our team handles Commercial Real Estate, Family Law, Debt Settlement, Divorce, and Divorce Mediation.

Other expertise for example, includes Employment, Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Breaches of Fiduciary Duty, Family, Foreclosure, Immigration Law, and Landlord/Tenant issues.  We have also successfully handled Litigation, Civil Lawsuits and Military Divorce, .

Additional experience includes Estate Settlement, Real Estate, and DCFS. Representation for Tax, Internal Revenue Service, Illinois Department of Revenue, and Illinois Department of Employment Security is available.


We represent clients throughout St. Clair County, in all types of probate litigation.  For example, we handle guardianship disputes, and will and trust contests.  Above all, we are experts in the field.


Likewise, we can help you with tax problems, including but not limited to, liens, levies, Offers in Compromise, audit representation and bankruptcy advice for example.


We are experienced in sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies.  We also handle agreements, contracts, asset purchases, and business dissolution.


We have provided estate planning for individuals and business succession planning for decades in the Belleville, St. Clair County, and Southern Illinois region.  We stand behind our work.


We offer experienced counsel for residential and commercial transfers, likewise we handle real estate contracts, closings, evictions, landlord and tenant disputes, etc.


Likewise, we are experienced dissolution of marriage lawyers, in the Southern Illinois and the Metro East, Illinois areas, including tax issues and business interests.


Civil lawsuits differ from criminal cases.  For example, a civil lawsuit is a legal action, thus not based on criminal law.  If you are sued, confer with one of our attorneys.


In addition, we assist with a wide variety of legal issues ranging from DUI/DWI and identity theft to immigration law and malpractice litigation.
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Whether you are seeking assistance with routine legal matters, or in dire need of expert civil or criminal matters representation, Blake Law Group, P.C., can provide fair and aggressive representation.

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Our firm takes pride in its professional and personalized approach, understanding the individual needs and goals of its clients.  As a result, we have a reputation throughout the region for delivering quality legal representation timely in a wide variety of cases.  We are skilled and accomplished legal professionals who strive to give their clients the attention, service and representation they deserve.

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Blake Law Group, P.C. has received an “AV” Rating from Martindale-Hubbell law directory.  This directory is the most trusted and respected service for rating attorneys in the United States.  An “AV” rating is the highest possible rating for legal abilities and reputation by their attorneys.  Blake Law Group, P.C. has also been identified as a “Preeminent Law Firm” by Martindale-Hubbell.

Who we serve:

Blake Law Group, P.C. has provided quality legal services to Southern and Central Illinois residents and businesses for decades.  Please refer to our testimonials and success stories on this website.

We serve clients within St. Clair County, Illinois, Madison County, Illinois, Clinton County, Illinois, Monroe County, Illinois, and Jersey County.  Our lawyers serve Macoupin County, Montgomery County, Bond County, Washington County, Randolph County, Fayette County, Jackson County, and Union County.  Johnson County, Jefferson County, and other Southern Illinois and Central Illinois counties in the State of Illinois also receive representation.

We serve clients in numerous cities in Southern Illinois and Central Illinois, including Belleville, Edwardsville, Collinsville, and E. St. Louis.  Our attorneys represent O’Fallon, Fairview Heights, Mascoutah, Red Bud, Waterloo, Granite City, Alton, Swansea, Shiloh, Greenville and Centralia also.  We also work in Chester, Carbondale, DuQuoin, Marion, Mt. Vernon, Harrisburg, Highland, Salem, Vandalia, Jerseyville, Litchfield, Carlinville, and Effingham.  Finally, we serve Benton, Vienna, Metropolis, Springfield, Decatur and other cities throughout the Southern Illinois and Central Illinois region.