Bullying in School

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Illinois law protects individuals from bullying. In school situations, this can include threats and stalking. It is not just kids beings kids. Many children are bullied frequently and thousands of children committing suicide each year due to bullying.

Bullying at School Often Ends in Injuries to our Children, if not Worse – Belleville, Illinois Teacher, Supervisor, School Buses Responsibility Law Firm

Parents should take action right away if there is bullying, sexual harassment or similar problems. Physical assault could include pushing, hitting, tripping or hitting a child with objects. Sometimes schools are reluctant or slow to do anything. Sometimes they wish to protect other children or their parents. Sometimes schools stonewall hoping the problem goes away. It seldom does.

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Cases have given parents of children sexually harassed in schools a right to sue school districts where the school districts knew of the harassment and ignored it. If you have a child who has suffered bullying, sexual harassment or injury in school, we would be happy to meet with you for free to discuss your case.