Agricultural Law Attorney, Belleville, Illinois

Blake Law Group, P.C. is a member of the American Agricultural Law Association (AALA). The AALA is a national professional organization focusing on the agricultural community. The AALA offers an independent forum of investigation of innovative and workable solutions to complex agricultural law problems.

Farm law issues can involve disputes or controversies involving urbanization and agricultural law, secured transactions, rural development, renewable fuels, pesticides, perishable agricultural commodities, livestock marketing, land use, land owner liability, food safety, financing credit, farm programs, estate planning and taxation, environmental law, crop insurance, corporate farming laws, commercial transactions, business organizations and cooperatives, bankruptcy, animal identification, animal law, animal feeding operations and administrative law relating to issues that impact farmers.

Agricultural Law issues involving Illinois farm lawyers can include contractual issues, farm estate planning, lending and leasing programs, marketing and storage of crops, patents and copyrights on feeds, hail damage to crops and livestock, genetically modified or biotech seeds, bad faith or unfair insurance coverage, sales and purchases of farm real estate, price fixing of crops, fertilizers or cattle, flooding that kills livestock or destroys crops, oil or a well breaks causing environmental damage, formation and structuring of agricultural cooperatives, financing and collateral for farm land, livestock and crops, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticide injuries to animals, humans or crops.

Whether you are a producer, processor, distributor or co-op, we can help you with the legal aspects of your business, including business organization, business contracts, employment law issues, environmental law concerns, land use and zoning, permits, exported goods, crop loans, financing and business succession planning.

We have had listings in the Illinois Agricultural News ( and the Farm Credit Bureau (

We often receive referrals from other attorneys who may not practice, at least to the extent we do, in regard to certain areas of the law, including farm law. As a result, this has increased our volume of cases and level of expertise in this area of the law.