$75,000 Unpaid Child Support Recovery, Executive at Anheuser Busch, Stock Options, Belleville, Illinois, Child Support Attorneys

Our client had been married to an Anheuser Busch executive. There was a clause in the divorce settlement agreement that provided that our client was to receive child support with an additional bonus or override based on increases in income of her highly paid former spouse. Unknown and undisclosed to our client, her former spouse received substantial stock options after the divorce. Counsel for the former spouse claimed that the stock options were not income and therefore were not subject to the override or bonus for additional child support. We conducted discovery. We obtained copies of tax returns. The tax returns of the former spouse proved that he had considered same as income since they were identified as income on his tax returns. We recovered in excess of $75,000 for our client, one of the largest back child support recoveries in the area for an Edwardsville Illinois law firm.