As Belleville, Illinois Wills, Trusts and Estate attorneys, we were recently involved in estate settlements in regard to in excess of $600,000 being distributed to heirs in one case and in excess of $800,000 being distributed to beneficiaries in another case. As will contest, trust dispute and probate lawyers, serving clients in Southern Illinois and Central Illinois, we recently represented Co-Executors in regard to a decedent who was in his 90s that passed away, not leaving a last will and testament, or a trust. There were objections in regard to the Co-Executors’ fees that was worked out through settlement. The Co-Executors had asked for fees and reimbursement of costs in excess of $26,000. Another case involved alleged over reaching by a child in regard to estate planning documents of his parents, as well as basically steering parents in regard to estate planning documents in the best interests of the child, as opposed to fulfilling the testamentary wishes of the parents. We are frequently contacted by clients throughout the United States in regard to will and trust issues, including matters having to do with duress, undue influence, lack of mental capacity, tortious interference with an inheritance expectancy, and other issues. Some times we hear that a child isolated a parent from other children, attempting to gain an advantage in regard to lifetime gifts and/or testamentary dispositions. Sometimes we find out, through discovery, that a child has added his or her name to bank or other accounts, as a joint tenant, such that when the predeceasing person has passed away, the surviving joint tenant then claims ownership to the account. We are often involved in counseling clients concerning setting aside joint tenancy accounts and/or claiming fraud in the inducement in regard to the establishment of the accounts. Sometimes children violate their power of attorneys by undue influence with respect to financial transactions. We counsel clients in regard to a presumption of fraud where the person who owes a duty to the elderly parent profits, or stands to profit, in regard to transactions or other actions taken while that child had a power of attorney from the parent. We are frequently contacted by out-of-state clients and attorneys in regard to ancillary administration. This typically has to do with persons passing away in other states, such as Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania or Iowa, that have an interest in real estate in Illinois, whether it be a residence, commercial property, mineral interests or other types of real estate interests. Ancillary administration has to do with complying with laws in Illinois so that the subject real estate interest is free and clear to sell or otherwise transfer once ancillary administration is completed. We are frequently contacted by clients in regard to representation based on a contingency fee or percentage of recovery. We always discuss fee arrangements with clients prior to beginning representation. Sometimes it is not in the best interests of the clients to have a contingency fee or set fee of a recovery fee arrangement, depending on facts and circumstances. We like what we do. We are excellent at it. We have decades of experience. Attorneys in Southern Illinois and Central Illinois are well aware of our reputation. Our reputation carries great weight. Our reputation causes clients to seek us out for representation. For example, many clients believe it makes sense to hire counsel who is experienced in regard to will contests and trust contests for preparation of the estate planning documents, including wills and trusts, since that experience and expertise is an added benefit in regard to the preparation and execution of estate planning documents, not to mention making sure the testators wishes are carried out after death, including in the event of will contests or trust contests, or other actions. As Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois probate attorneys, we have been involved in cases for decades. We have a Superb Rating from “AVVO”. We are “AV” rated by Martindale-Hubbell and have been designated as a preeminent law firm. We have been recognized by Leading Lawyers.