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We have experienced an increase in regard to grandparents and step-parents rights issues in recent years. In many situations, either one or both natural parents are not up to taking care of their minor children, including because of death, incarceration, drug and criminal issues. In many situations, the grandparents wish to take action before it is too late in regard to attempting to protect the interests of their minor grandchildren. These are difficult situations for all involved. Sometimes the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has already stepped in and placed the children with one grandparent or another. This raises issues with respect to the natural parents, not to mention the grandparents, who did not receive placement of the minor child or children. There can be extra layers of complications for grandparents or step-parents seeking to do right by their grandchildren or step-children when it comes to Court proceedings in regard to which they may not be fully advised, including confidentiality issues involving minor children, the role of DCFS in these matters and the cooperation or lack of cooperation in regard to the natural parents who may not always see eye to eye with the grandparents seeking to protect the interests of the grandchildren.