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For many years we have been the go to law firm in Southern Illinois in regard to individuals with businesses that are unable to continue with regard to their mortgage payments, whether pre-foreclosure or post-foreclosure, and we are hired when there has been no default and payments have been made, when there has been default but negotiations are occurring, when clients become frustrated in dealing with multiple contact persons with lenders and feel are not getting anywhere, especially when foreclosure proceedings have been threatened or have already commenced, and the client may already be in default in regard to the litigation process. In some situations, there is a disconnect between the lender and their employees and any law firm they may be using in regard to foreclosure litigation, including counsel that may be based in Chicago with local attorneys actually appearing in Court in regard to foreclosure proceedings occurring throughout the Southern Illinois and Central Illinois regions. Even after a foreclosure, clients contact us regarding what can be done, including setting aside a foreclosure, entering our appearance and working on a negotiated settlement, and otherwise attempting to keep the owners in their house or securing a release in regard to any deficiency judgment. We often are contacted by clients attempting to work out settlements and clients also contact us regarding issues relating to income due to forgiveness of indebtedness since we defend those issues with the Internal Revenue Service and/or Illinois Department of Revenue.